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gasy mofo

Main ingredients:

The gasy mofo is a type of typical fried bread from Madagascar, which has become one of the most popular specialties of Malagasy gastronomy. This bread can be found in every corner of Madagascar, from the streets of the cities to the smallest villages on the island.

To prepare mofo gasy, simple ingredients are used, such as rice flour, wheat flour, yeast, vanilla, and water or milk. After forming a dough with all the ingredients, they are fried or baked until they get the classic golden color.

If you visit the country you will not be able to escape the mofo gasy since you will find it in every corner and, without a doubt, you should try it.

Recipe of gasy mofo

You can see the complete preparation in the following link: see recipe

Photo of the plate: gasy mofo

mofo gasy

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