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judd mat gaardebounen

Main ingredients:

The Judd mat Gaardebounen is a typical dish of the cuisine of Luxembourg. The dish is a pork stew, known as "gaardebounen" in Luxembourgish, cooked with chickpeas and spices. The dish originates from the rural region of the country and is considered a traditional food.

It is prepared by cooking pork with chickpeas, onion, leek, garlic, red wine and spices such as thyme and black pepper. All these ingredients give it a tasty and strong taste.

It is usually served with rice or boiled potatoes. It is a traditional dish that is eaten in winter and especially in some celebrations.

Recipe of judd mat gaardebounen

You can see the complete preparation in the following link: see recipe

Photo of the plate: judd mat gaardebounen

judd mat gaardebounen

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