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fried potato farls

Main ingredients:

Fried potato farls, also known as potato fadge, potato cakes, griddle cakes, and boxty, is a typical Irish dish. This recipe is about a salty cake made from boiled and grated potatoes, flour, butter and salt.

For the preparation, first the potatoes are cooked in plenty of water, then they are passed through a sieve and mixed with the rest of the ingredients until they form a uniform mass. The dough is divided into portions and flattened into a pizza shape and then divided into 6 portions. These portions are fried in a pan with butter until golden brown on both sides.

They are usually served for a traditional Irish breakfast and have a mild and sweet taste, thanks to the aroma of butter and the flavor of potato.

Recipe of fried potato farls

You can see the complete preparation in the following link: see recipe

Photo of the plate: fried potato farls

fried potato farls

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